Friday, January 20, 2012

ADHD or Creativity?

Life with S: Part 1
My dear 7 year old son is looking through an encyclopedia as I type. He is so engaged nothing could distract him right now. Does this child have ADHD? His psychologist seems to think so. I'm not so sure.
We've encountered many issues with this extremely creative, smart, energetic, strong-willed boy. He has always been "more". More sensitive, perceptive, intense. He likes things his way and we've duked it out on many occasions. He can be intensely interested in a myriad of things in one day or totally immersed in one. His current interests range from the Civil War to his little milk teeth named ickle and Lardee. In fact, I could just kiss Inhae Lee for her wonderful book "My Milk Toof". It has inspired so much creativity, not to mention reading, for my son.
So, things have been rough at school. He doesn't like the "work". O.K., I know, everyone has to learn to work, I get that, but this kid can really just check out. You can find him lost in his head not paying attention to anything in the classroom. Why? when he's got a much more interesting adventure going on in his head! He doesn't have any learning problems, but he is a closet learner. He won't show you what he knows until he's got it down. He doesn't like to perform under pressure. He can read, quite well, but his teacher doesn't know it because he won't show her!
Right now he is reading The Cat in the Hat. I read it to him earlier and now he is reading it to himself. And he's also drawing scenes from the book and creating his own Voom, that he placed inside his hat. To S, life is a story. If there's no story what's the point?
So back to the school scenario. His teacher is super accommodating but he still doesn't get his work done. When asked why he will say either "it's boring" or "I get distracted". Which is it? Or is it both? On the Conners scale he showed high scores for hyperactivity/impulsivity, defiance/anger and peer realtions. This was true for both the parents and teachers scale. So at least we are both seeing the same things but what does it mean? Doc says ADHD but that just isn't settling with me.
I'm currently reading some research about the coincidence of ADHD and creativity. It mentions individuals like Thomas Edison, Robert Frost and Frank Lloyd Wright as having problems that are associated with ADHD, but we all know they are well known for their creativity.
I'm not saying my kid is in the company of Edison, but is it possible that he's just a highly creative guy acting just the way God made him to be. The jury is still out.
The most recent question form my dear little guy "Where did Dr. Suess get all his creative ideas?" Good question. He probably daydreamed too!

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